confusing and complicated place, and thus more difficult to "find ourselves" in. Such simplistic theories are serious errors in reasoning.

Centuries ago astronomers developed the ability to calculate the orbit of the planets around our sun and realized that something was wrong with their measurements. After taking into account the gravitational influences of all then known planets, there was some unseen force influencing the planet Uranus. The astronomers knew that there must be another, yet undiscovered, planet which was responsible. Later, some men wisely calculated the approximate position of such a planet and the planet Neptune was discovered there. Pluto was discovered in a similar way.

So it is with the social ills of our day. There is some great influence in our world which is undermining our best intended efforts. It is the most influential negative force in our world and yet, because we are largely ignorant of it, we leave it out of our calculations of improving the social order. Thus, not only are our efforts to move society in a positive direction much hindered, but acting out of ignorance, we all too often become the principal tools of social degradation while remaining convinced we are acting for good. It is this something, likely the greatest of all negative social influences and the least
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