This class is meant as an introduction to the ideas of free men and emphasizes discerning the free world from the unfree by learning to contrast their essential distinguishing elements. We will meet with evil face to face and learn how it establishes itself amongst us and perpetuates itself with our own active support. When we discern the face of evil clearly, we must acknowledge that it is our own face which stares back at us and that of all the so-called "good people" of our world. Evil hides itself inside our own hearts and minds, getting us to do its deceptive and violent bidding, all the while making us believe we are doing good.

    Sociologists have expended much effort in an attempt to discern and explain the reasons for the social pathologies which inflict the modern society. Many have remarked on the irony of mental illness, depression, and other social pathogens increasing as a society becomes more wealthy and its members seem to want for nothing. All sorts of theories have been put forth causing us to accept the idea that increased levels of mental illness, depression, self-hatred, suicide, and assorted violence, as well as many forms of escape like alcoholism, sports, pornography, and drug abuse are all just part of our modern, high technology culture. After all, we are told, the modern world is a more 
    Learning How Freedom Works