think this because they have been born and trained from childhood to a society already far down the same slippery road. Unfree men live in a continuous loop of imagining they are forging new paths of social order which is, in reality, endless combinations of the same old violent order which has enslaved mankind by its powers of deception for millennia.

Free men know what unfree men do not: that it takes many generations of creeping social corruption to lay the foundation and walls for a Hitler to build upon. Pharaohs and Caesars, Napoleons and Hitlers, etc., step forward to orchestrate a grand finale of social violence. Such Tyrants are the cherry on the top of a long chain of ongoing social deception and the resultant twisting of the law to cover the violent acts of the political leaders and their followers. Hitlers do not call the people to a new way of violence except in the sense that the people have first called them to lead their societies to the natural end of the way their nations have already been heading for centuries.

In the final stages of social corruption, a people must not only be ignorant of what is happening to their nation but absolutely certain that what is happening is not. This is the only way an unfree society has ever happened or could ever happen;  because,
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