a Nazi Germany, Communist Russia or China, like their ancient counterparts-Rome, Persia, Egypt, Babylon, etc.-is, more than anything else, a nation of men who see themselves as the opposite of what they actually are. Every nation as it moves into the unfree world must see itself as increasingly just, righteous, and wise, as it becomes all the more deceived, vile, and violent. Otherwise the process of deception which makes possible an unfree society cannot do its work.

The greatest negative influence in our world is US-the good people of the world. Not the rapists, robbers, drug dealers, and thieves, though they are playing their small role. It is the so-called good people amongst us who are committing vile acts on a grand scale, inside the accepted norms of our societies, believing we are doing what is right, who are most responsible.

Many, caught in the social corruptions of our age, will have difficulty accepting what I have to show them. For those of us who can face seeing ourselves and our world as it really is, take my hand and let us come forth together through the darkness of this present unfree world and into the light of the real and the free. Come, let me introduce you to evil itself and to yourself, and then to good, and to the good that we can all potentially  be.
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    Learning How Freedom Works