frenzies of legislative binging. The peaceful institutions, which constitute the government of a free people, are subordinated to the service of violent political hierarchies. The laws, regulations, restrictions, licenses, taxes, agencies, police, and prisons multiply without end as a society based on force is constructed and the people are reduced to physical as well as psychological and philosophical slavery.

Generation by generation the people lose the knowledge and skills of free people and learn to think and act as members of political dominion. In time they lose even the ability to recognize what they and their society have become-as the political system gains control over the schools and influences other means of the dissemination of knowledge to train the people from youth to see the corruption and misuse of their laws and government as social progress.

Nazi Germany and Ancient Rome are epic examples of this process; but the truth is that all the nations of the world today, as in the past, are much more like Nazi Germany than many of us would like to believe. It is the very fact of not knowing that we are deceived, and not knowing how evil we have become, that makes us so much like Nazi Germany. Only a people who do not know they have become evil, and have great difficulty believing 

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    Learning How Freedom Works