the reality of it, though someone looks them in the eye and tells them the truth, can continue to be evil and continue to become more so.

Only a people who have been drawn into the unfree world, through false ideologies and philosophies, so that their world view has become foundationally deceptive and violent, but are too deceived to know it, can become a Nazi Germany, Communist Russia or China, or the other nations of world history, at some point, including those of our present age.

One of the many things that a free man knows and an unfree man does not, is that every society in history is in the process of becoming a Nazi Germany. The question is not whether the society you are living in is becoming a Nazi Germany; the question is, how far has it already progressed and how quickly is it getting there? And every society in history progresses into the unfree world in the same general way, in proportion to the degree that the people are deceived and have no real concept of what is happening to them.

Any Society is only as free as enough free men can escape the gravity of the unfree world and build dikes of truth against the tides of deception which wash over every
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    Learning How Freedom Works