social order with the frequency of the tides and storms of the sea. Where free men fail in knowledge, skill, or in spirit, that society is doomed to the same fate as every other in history: first, to spiritual enslavement by false religious and philosophical leaders; and then, to further more physical forms of enslavement, primarily, through the society-wide slave culture which politicians build upon the underlying spiritual corruption.

You must dig deep to find the civilizations of yesterday. They lie several stories down under the dirt and debris of those who came after them, each of whom met the same fate in their turn. As every people lose the knowledge of freedom and the skills of living free they fall under the control of political parties leading their societies into the popular grave of history.

Drunken on the social deceptions of politicians, false religious and philosophical leaders, unfree men are made to forget that the unfree world is calling every nation to the same violent end. And every people become unfree as they lose the knowledge of freedom and what a free society is and, having lost this knowledge, they lose all ability to recognize what they have become and to apprehend the popular fate which awaits them.
Unfree men imagine that Nazi Germanics begin when Hitler arrives on the scene. They 
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    Learning How Freedom Works