recognize the general nature of the corruption they themselves are trapped in, along with every other man, woman, philosophy, religion, and party. Such spiritually corrupt people are incapable of ruling themselves by peaceful means and demand political tyrants to rule them by force of deception and physical threat.

Politicians arise to bring universal slave culture to already spiritually dead and dying people. As people are drawn into the unfree world, the laws of their land are changed so that violent and criminal acts can be perpetrated against the citizenry, inside the accepted lawful bounds of the society. The level of deception in the unfree society must increase proportionally in order to prevent the people from recognizing the violent, wicked creatures they have become, so that the level of socially accepted violence can be sustained and continually increased.

Wherever political parties form, the systematic corruption of law and government has begun; the underlying spiritual foundation of a free society has already been undermined, by false religious and philosophical leaders; and the people have become too ignorant to understand what is happening to them or, worse, too corrupt of heart to care. Where politicians are expanding their influence, the people's freedoms are consumed in
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    Learning How Freedom Works