The true image of law and government are eroded by the false religious and philosophical leaders repeating Satan's argument in the Garden, that man can advance himself and his society only by breaking free of God's peaceful plan and basing his social order upon violence. Law and government become the tools of violent men and their violent plans and programs.

The people are no longer able to govern themselves. Politicians rise to power and form political parties to facilitate their enslavement of the populace by establishing forced institutions: forced schools, forced retirement plans, forced healthcare systems, forced military service, etc.

Hoards of mindless drones, deceived by mindless ideologies and political speeches, flock to political parties, eager for a share of the promised loot stolen from others.

The free society is replaced with a forced society. The law and government are turned against their natural purpose of stopping violence and instead are used by politicians to commit violence on a grand scale in order to make themselves, their party, and offices rich with power, money and privilege.

There is a way that seems right to man, a way that leads to destruction.
-Proverbs 14:12
The Unfree Society

False religious and philosophical leaders, hacking at the roots of self-government, become dominant. Deceptive and violent doctrines are accepted and eventually popular, which destroys the people's ability to govern themselves.

Each generation is worse than the one before: more rebellious, more immoral, more selfish, more foolish and pridefully convinced of their own wisdom.

As the spiritual death of a people progresses, more in each generation, the political parties grow powerful, setting themselves above God's law and political offices multiply in order to enslave the dead humanity who can no longer govern themselves the way God intended.Every kind of greed and envy flourish and politicians rise to power to enslave people who can no longer govern themselves the way God wants people to.

Why do the nations rage, and the people imagine a vain thing? The kings of the earth take counsel together, against the Lord and against His Anointed: "Let us break their chains and cast their cords from us." Psalms 2:1-3
The Kingdom of the World
The Broad Road of Destruction/
Political spectrum of bondage
The narrow road of freedom.
The Kingdom of God
The Free Society
Thy Kingdom come...ON EARTH as it is in Heaven.  Matthew 6:10
The rebellion against God ends as all government and authority is brought into obedience to God and no one is allowed make the legal claim that he or his office has a right to profit at the expense of others.

Every institution: schools, hospitals, courts, military, etc. operate inside the free society--all funds and participation completely voluntary--which is the mark of a spiritually mature and truly living society.

No political parties, no political men claiming to have a mandate to force others to do what they want. No political programs: no one is forced to pay, forced to comply--no forced school systems, no forced retirement plans, no forced healthcare systems, etc.

Less laws, less taxes, less regulations, less restrictions, less licences, less fines, less police, less prisons; less crime, less immorality, less poverty--which are the marks of a society going in the right direction.
Love, peace, truth, righteousness, and wisdom abound--more and more
in each generation.

Each generation becomes better than the one before, as righteousness
is cultivated in the hearts and wisdom in the minds of the people.

Spiritual, religious leaders become increasingly true: seeking to cultivate the Kingdom of God in men rather than hanging out with politicians and other false religious leaders building the unfree society and the violent kingdoms of the world.
                 Seek ye first The Kingdom of God
(God's government, law and authority: Peaceful Social Order) 
                                  -Matthew 6:33

The narrow path of freedom

God's Law, which is meant to suppress man's law to allow man maximum freedom and true justice, is implemented.

Commandments like 'Thou shalt not steal' are enacted and protects people of others stealing their labor and property. This results in no income taxes, no property taxes, no sales taxes etc.

All "government" programs which take from one person, group or class to enrich another are wiped out as it violates God's commandment to not covet anything of thy neighbors.

Scripture speaks of Satan deceiving the whole world which results in people worshipping the false god of politics.
And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which DECEIVES THE WHOLE WORLD...
-Revelation 12:9
Satan's plan is based upon the argument that he makes in the Garden, that man must advance himself and his society by force. Men making themselves gods by first rejecting the government of God’s free social order, and instead subjectively inventing  their own standards of right and wrong and setting up their own violent forms of government, making up their own laws and then forcing these laws upon everyone as a means of warring against God’s peaceful government and violating God’s law at every point.  
Two social philosophies and  world
views come out of the Garden:
God’s plan is for peaceful social order in which no one, no matter how rich or how powerful they imagine themselves, is above the laws of non-violence. True leaders, like all true law and government, defend the society from deceptive ideas and violent, false forms of law and  government, preventing the people from being contacted and corrupted by violence.
God's Plan: The perfection of mankind through peace.
Satan's Plan: The perfection of mankind through violence.