Christian World View  1
* What ever happened to:
      The Historical Christian World View? The Church Victorious? Overcoming the World System and Setting Men Free?             

Course Outline :

* How the Christian World View was lost over the past three centuries and why Christian culture and the concepts of a free society died out with it.
* Why much of the Christian world view has not been taught in schools, universities, and seminaries in more than one hundred years and what pseudo-Christian and anti-Christian views have taken the place of the orthodox Christian perspective.
* The rise of the socialist super-state(set free from the laws of God imposed by the Church), which sweeps away the dream of a free society based on Biblical principles: hundreds of millions murdered and buried in mass graves in the 20th century, billions more live out their lives as slaves of socialist cultures which rule over the whole world today.                               >>>

    Learning How Freedom Works