"The more complex the society, the more government control we need."

"If we had no social security, many people would go hungry."

"The government should do for the people what the people are unable to do for themselves."

"Too much government? Just what would you cut out?"

"The size of the national debt doesn't matter because we owe it to ourselves." 

"Why, you'd take us back to the horse and buggy." 

"The free market ignores the poor." 

"Americans squander their incomes on themselves while public needs are neglected" 

"Labor unions are too powerful today, but were useful in the past."

"We have learned to counteract and thus avoid any serious depression."

"Human rights are more important than property rights." 

"Employees often lack reserves and are subject to 'exploitation' by capitalist employers"

"Competition is fine, but not at the expense of human beings."

"We're paying for it, so we might as well get our share." 

"I'm a middle-of-the-roader."  

"Don't you want to do anything?" 

"Big business and big labor require big government." 

"We believe in presenting both sides."

"If free enterprise really works, why the Great Depression?"

"Federal Aid is all right if it doesn't bring Federal control." 

"The United States Constitution was designed for anagrarian society." 

"I prefer security to freedom."

"Tell me, just what liberties have you lost?" 

"The government can do it cheaper because it doesn't have to make a profit." 

"If government doesn't relieve distress, who will?"

"Business is entitled to a fair profit."

"Purchasing power creates jobs."             

Zombies say the darndest things - Learning the language of the dead.
Rebuttals when speaking to spiritually dead people.
Thanks to FEE for this valuable resource. Although written years ago, the truths are timeless.
How To Speak To A Zombie           
Societies become slave cultures when spiritually dead people are the majority.

Zombie people build zombie government.
Zombies use the law to rob, steal, violate, enslave and feed off others.

The cliches below have been regurgitated all through history. Societies like Nazi Germany and Communist Russia's arise when spiritually dead people and their ideas become dominant and not suppressed by free and alive people.

When the people are dead, slave cultures arise.
Equipping The Free Man For Victory
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Zombie symptoms

Are you infected?
"Your tax dollars at work"
10 principles of
Zombie Government
10 principles of
Living Government
"Their throat is an open grave" - Psalm 5:9