Zombie Symptoms
If you were exposed to zombie television and zombie media from early childhood, chances are you are infected with the anti-social ideas of zombie culture.  
If you get your news and information about world events from the zombie media–on television, in print or on the internet–you see the world from a zombie’s anti-social perspective and can be expected to go about philosophically drooling all day, grunting one of the zombie mantras like gummint programs, gummint programs, gummint programs. 
If you or someone you know has been infected contact FreedomUniversity.org. Scientist findings for cause of symptoms and cure below.
If you received higher indoctrination in the zombie college and university system, many of your normal brain functions have probably been replaced by zombie-ology–likely of the highly virulent socialism variety–which believes that politics, and the social violence it brings, is the answer to all of the world’s problems. Expect a brain scan to reveal your grey matter eaten through like Swiss cheese. 
We're here. We're Dead. Get used to it.
If you think that it is normal and moral for those in authority to use the cover of law to rob, steal and murder, taking millions of people’s homes and businesses each year,  and money right out of their pay checks and bank accounts, under the cover of helping some corporation or group or funding a political program, you have an advancing case of zombie morals.
If you think that the answer to the financial crisis is that we need to borrow, inflate, regulate and spend more, to bail out and rescue  the banking corporations and political gangs who caused the crisis in the first place by buying political favors and constantly  urging us to borrow, inflate, regulate and spend more, so that they could receive more favors and benefits, at everyone else’s expense,  you have a bad case of zombie-nomics.
If you put your  trust in the zombie government of politics–and believe that your party’s left, right, or middle brand of politics is the answer to any social problem, or capable of any social improvement, you are definitely running with the zombie hoards.   
If you believe war and destruction stimulates an economy and got the US out of the depression, that the US should have a militaristic empire over the world, with bases in over 130 countries, from which we have  bombed and occupied dozens of countries, killing several million people, more than a million of which are children, and that we should send  “foreign aid” to countries around the world to prop up dictators who kill millions more of their own people, and that when they come here for revenge and fly planes into our buildings, that this has nothing to do with what we have done to them but that they are only jealous of our lattes and lap dances, then you are in an advanced  stage of the Nazi Zombie variety. 
Scientists at the FreedomUniversity.org lab have analyzed the zombie virus and discovered it being highly contagious,  spread through deceptive, violent ideas. 
  • Public Schools/Zombie Factories
  • State/Socialist/Corporate Universities
  • Socialist/Corporate Media 
  • False Churches/Zombie Churches
  • Political ("government" ) courts and offices - zombie government/zombie law

Scientists have analized the creation process of a zombie. Results as follows: 

Stage 1: Indoctrination from birth by Socialist/Corporate Media - Zombie Media .

Stage 2: Public Schools - Zombie Factories

Stage 3: State/Socialist/Corporate controlled Universities - Zombie Colleges.

Stage 4: Signing up for any government welfare program (once this stage is reached, the zombie becomes highly resistant to treatment).
The following areas are  found to be very dangerous and highly infectious:
Scientists have found that when zombie is exposed to the ideas of peace and liberty, in many cases they will come back to reality.
Research from the scientist's at the FreedomUniversity.org lab 
Gummint Programs
Gummint Programs
Gummint Programs
 If you cannot understand what Jesus meant when he told the people of his day that they were dead, living in darkness, the children of destruction, and the son’s of the Devil, you are in a  spiritually and intellectually dead condition. And if the church congregation you are part of has not taught you what Jesus meant by the terms dead and lost, you have likely identified a zombie church where they preach zombie ideas, right from the pulpit, often based upon talking points taken out of context with the rest of scripture, saying things like, it sure is great to live in a free country, a democracy, where we get to vote for our leaders(read–where we get to vote for those leading us in rebellion against God).

You will never learn the truth about life and liberty in a zombie church which will always teach some form of politics from the pulpit, rather than  preach, teach, and uphold the principles of a Godly and truly free people: limited government–limiting government to protecting and never violating–restricting politics, keeping political parties from forming and keeping politicians from taking over the law and government and corrupting it to their own zombie ends.  You will never learn in a zombie church how the zombie culture is spread by turning law and government against their natural purpose of defending life, liberty, and property and instead turning them upside down, wiring them backwards, and running them in reverse, to create a system of wholesale violence–a profit making system–used by zombie leaders to enrich  themselves, their party, special interest groups and their corporate sponsors, with power and money, at everyone else’s expense.
If you were trained in the zombie indoctrination centers, euphemistically called public schools, you have likely been deeply infected by violent, socialist ideas.  Even if you were schooled at home or in a private setting, you were likely infected by parents and teachers who were infected as children in the socialist indoctrination centers/zombie factories. 

Gummint Programs
Gummint Programs
Gummint Programs
What's the solution?
Be transformed by the deterioration of your mind.
"Your Tax Dollars at Work!"
If you think that the idea of limited government–government being limited to protecting life, liberty and property–is an outdated concept and that the purpose of government should be to destroy life, liberty and property, so that everyone can try to use government and law to enslave and feed off of each other, this is a sure sign of advanced stage zombie infection.