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What is a free society?

by Freedom University student body on 12/30/11

What is a free society?

What are the characteristics which distinguish a free society from an unfree society?

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1. Jesse said on 1/28/12 - 04:00AM
Unfree society everything is done through force and violating people. The law and government is used by everyone to steal and violate everyone instead of protecting peoples property as in a free society.
2. Kat84 said on 2/4/12 - 05:15AM
People's life and property are protested by law in a free society and not violated.
3. Danny said on 2/4/12 - 05:18AM
In a free society you are free to pursue your goals and live your life without government being involved in any part of your life - business, education etc. so long as you're not violating anyone.
4. Greg said on 2/4/12 - 05:24AM
re: Danny - Yes, government is very limited in a free society, only used to stop someone if they are violating someone else. Government in an unfree society tries to grow out of it's area of authority and control and dominate all other areas of authority like business, school, healthcare etc.
5. Honey said on 11/16/18 - 04:16PM
anarchy, or else children are enslaved

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