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Strategies for restoring a free society

by Freedom University student body on 12/30/11

Post any ideas and strategies for restoring freedom and the integrity of law and government.

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1. Tom J. said on 2/4/12 - 05:04AM
Take your kids out of government schools and give them a real education. Government enslavement comes through an ignorant people.
2. Mary78 said on 2/4/12 - 05:27AM
Abolish the Federal Reserve to restore our economy and dollar.
3. Tom J. said on 2/4/12 - 05:28AM
Get rid of the IRS. Not Constitutional or right to say someone has the right to steal someone's labor.
4. eggmer said on 2/4/12 - 05:30AM
re: Tom J - yeah, and go back to early America when their were no sales taxes or property taxes as well.
5. Andrew S Werschky said on 2/4/14 - 10:00AM
The Jubilee Solution - 7 steps to freedom

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