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The False God of Politics: Politics Revealed

by Freedom University student body on 08/25/11

Video calling people out of the rebellion of worshipping politics in place of God. This challenges men and woman to return to obedience to God and enter his work in building His Kingdom (government, law and authority) on Earth as it is in heaven, as we once did to a degree in the early church and in early America, breaking down the idol worship of politics. (video on home page)

There is a way that seems right to man, a way that leads to destruction.
-Proverbs 14:12

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1. Nanopants said on 1/11/12 - 12:08AM
I think you mean well, wanting to fight the Lord's battles and all, but I have issues with this video. 1) If "... God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish ... " and "... God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved" then why do we condemn the world? 2) I know you want to honor God, and fight his battles, but if the world through government takes up the name of God, couldn't this be risky business? If the name of the Lord is misrepresented by those who champion it, even if by His own people, shouldn't we expect God to take measures against them to protect His own name? I realize that it may be scary seeing the shackles of religion fall off of the secular realm of society, but God doesn't lose battles. The world is still a much brighter place than it was immediately following Christ's death and resurrection.
2. Response to Nanopants said on 1/11/12 - 12:13AM
1) John 3:17 is not telling us that Jesus is not condemning the world. He does so Himself over and over–especially the hypocrite religious leaders who are feigning being of God but who do not actually know God–their faith and trust still being in the world system. What scripture means when it says Jesus did not come to condemn the world, but that the world might be saved through Him, is that the world is already condemned, it always has been. Jesus did not come to condemn the world but Jesus came because the world was already condemned. He came to convince the world of its condemnation and save those who are convinced out of the world system and the death and destruction which awaits all who remain in it, saving them unto God through the work of Christ upon the Cross. The scriptures make plain that no person can be saved unless they are first convinced of their own condemnation–and of the whole world. The work of the Gospel always begins with convincing men and women that they are already condemned and that God has made a way, via Christ upon the Cross, that they might be saved from eternal condemnation. 2) Ponder carefully what Jesus means when He warns His disciples to, “Beware the leaven–the doctrine–of the Sadducees and Pharisees–the modern day liberals and conservatives. Their doctrine has never changed throughout history and it is designed to deceive even the best of men and women. A simple test that usually reveals whether we are on the wrong side of this deception is whether we are part of the modern religious, liberal and conservative movement–which is the left and right side of the Broad Road to destruction that Jesus warns us about. The modern day hypocrites and the spiritually immature in Christ who follow them, know that they are on the right and left side of some road but do not understand that they are on the ancient road of rebellion against God. Most give some degree of lip-service to God and to Christ but go the world’s way, trusting in Satan’s plan of lies and violence for the advancement of man and for the whole world. A careful study of Jesus’ many condemnations of the liberals and conservatives of His day: Oh! You Hypocrites! You whitewashed tombs. You son’s of the Devil...will reveal the form and nature of this doctrine meant to deceive us into taking on an outward form of godliness and hypocritically giving lip-service to God even as we continue to worship the world system and trust in its government of violent rebellion against God. This doctrine of the hypocrites–the liberals and conservatives of every age–on the ancient broad road–is but simple variations upon the lie Satan told in the Garden. Every idea the world has and every work it is involved in is the repetition of Satan’s lie and act of violence in the Garden. Those who do not yet understand this have not yet renewed their minds in God’s word–their spiritual intellect is not yet mature. This idea of all unsaved people, and the immature saved people, ignorantly following Satan’s plan, rather than God’s, is what scripture means when it repeats over and over that the world is dead in its sins and that they cannot know God, their minds being darkened. The works of the world are filthy rags to God, we are told, because all the world’s thinking and works are based upon Satan’s violent plan for mankind, that began in the Garden. This is why Jesus called the liberal and conservative theologians, priest and teachers, of His day, “The son’s of the Devil,” and tells them that not only are they not leading men into the Kingdom of God but they are standing in the doorway blocking the way of those who want to enter in. This is why Jesus continually condemned the world system in general, and the religious leaders who are of the world system in particular, and calls all who follow Him to do the same, to clear the way for people to repent of faith and trust in Satan’s government and authority of violent rebellion against God and be transformed by faith in God and His peaceful way for mankind, the work in Jesus on the Cross being the highest expression of this work. 3) Main Point: There are but 2 cultures in the world and both can be seen clearly in their infancy in the Garden. a) God’s social order: The first culture we see in the Garden is faith in God and in His Word and authority. To have faith in God means to trust that God’s plan and path for us and for our society and for the whole world is the right way to achieve the best for ourselves and for every society. God tells us in thousands of scriptures what His general plan is for us and our society and for the whole world: God has designed mankind to live at peace–with God and with one another–our neighbors and with strangers. God’s Law in general and The Ten Commandments in particular are a repetition and reminder of God’s plan for man–to live at peace with one another and never seek to advance ourselves at the expense of another. God makes plain in the Old Testament, that even to think the thought of taking anything from another by some means of open force or deception is a sin. All civil law and government in a Godly society is based on stopping and punishing anyone–especially anyone in a position of authority–from violating the will of another. This idea of God’s peaceful authority and government overcoming Satan’s violent system of corrupted law and government, being lived out, is what made some nations in history, like Ancient Israel, and Switzerland and Early America so “free” and special compared to other nations. A free society and a free nation is simply a culture which escapes being ruled by hypocrites giving lip-service to God, but who are actually following Satan, and instead uphold God’s standard of law and government being universally applied to everyone in the society–especially to those in any position of authority. This means that law and government is “limited” to God’s peaceful plan and not to carry out Satan’s violent plan for law and government. The people in a free society are said to be free because they are free from rulers making up whatever laws they please in order to carry out Satan’s plan to violate the people and build institutions based upon force. Unfree societies are forced to pay, forced to comply, and forced to join–forced school systems, forced retirement plans, forced healthcare systems–because the people have been taught by false religious leaders to reject God’s peaceful law and government and instead look to the world system for answers. Therefore God has given them over to the bondage of their own violent way, because of their disobedience. The world system which Satan rules and bragged about to Jesus from a high place when he tempted Jesus, is the prison system which God gives men over to when they do what the people in Ist Samuel Chapter 8 did when they refused to have God rule over them and rejected God’s higher peaceful government which brings true freedom and justice–never any law which initiates an act of violence against another. This is why God is so angry in Ist Samuel Chapter 8 when the people insist upon having a king because they are rejecting God’s higher will for them, living as free men–free servants of God. Instead they insist upon living in the slavery of politics which is the social order which comes upon all those in proportion that they reject knowing God and choose instead to live as God’s ignorant and faithless slaves. This idea that all–especially those in authority are to obey God’s plan for peaceful order and not Satan’s plan for violent order is what those in the world system cannot comprehend, not knowing God and His way, the scriptures tell us. b) Satan’s social order: the second culture we see arise from the Garden actually began much earlier(Millions of years? Billions of years? –we don’t know) when Satan originated the idea of His plan of rebellion against God. “I will lift myself up, I will be like God, I will take God’s throne,” Satan said. We can see here that Satan’s plan, contrary to God’s peaceful plan, is based upon taking by force–violence–an idea that evidently was previously unknown in the metaverse. Satan’s argument, which is the cancerous idea destroying mankind, causes Eve to doubt God and believe a lie instead. Satan argues that God is lying to you and me about living at peace with others being the best way for us and for all mankind. Satan argues that God is purposely trying to hold us back from being all that we can be. God’s peaceful way, Satan argues, is for losers. If you want to get ahead in life, if you want to advance yourself, your society, and mankind in general, you must take what you want in life. You must base your own life philosophy and that of your whole society upon violating others and forcing them to bend to your will and serve you and your group and political party’s purposes. This is what all political ideologies are about. Left, right, or middle makes no real difference. Politics represents men “going their own way,” which in reality is living as slaves under Satan’s government which God has given men over to as a means of punishment and correction because of our rebellion against God’s and His better plan of peaceful and true government and authority. . The world system’s violent form of government, politics, was “limited” in the better nations of history, so that God’s peaceful forms of government,–the individual, the family, the church, business and industry, etc., could grow and flourish. This is the meaning of the term free society: being free from the bondage of the violent world system and its government of politics and being forced against our will, instead of living as free men and women, apart from politics, more directly under God’s authority. The people of Ancient Israel, early Switzerland and America, had a halfway good understanding of these Kingdom of God principles and sought to uphold God’s principles of law and government and to limit the world system’s authority, which is to say Satan’s authority. This is why they were relatively free from politics. Sadly, most people today, including Americans, cannot so much as define a free society much less explain how it differs from an unfree. It is our growing ignorance of the Kingdom of God(God’s social order) which has caused every nation on Earth to lose their freedoms over the past 200 years and why no nation on Earth today has any right to call themselves free, because to do so, is, in effect, to call God a liar. 4) Conclusion: God teaches us in every verse of the scriptures that a free society is one in obedience to God’s peaceful plan of His higher sense of government and authority, where no person, no matter how high an office they may think they have, has a right to violate one person or his property in order to benefit another. Any person who rejects God’s higher sense of law and government and instead accepts the world’s latest definition of what freedom and justice is, for example, democracy and electing politicians to office, is, whether they realize it or not, simply repeating variations of the lie told in the Garden. Such a person believes the lie that God is a liar and that the world’s way–the violence of politics–is the means of advancing oneself, one’s society, and the world. Politics–law and government based upon violence–is the means of salvation for mankind that Satan has taught the world. This is why the whole world has bankrupted itself over the past hundred years with endless political schemes–violent social programs–all payed for through theft, robbery and murder–and going into debt, borrowing the resources of the next 3 generations, in order to prove that God is a liar and that Satan’s plan of salvation for man through violence is the true means of man’s salvation and perfection. The whole world agrees with their father the devil, and is driven to prove that violence is the true means of man’s perfection–not love. The whole world looks forward to the day when it can defiantly stand before God and say: God you said nothing was to be done by violence. We have established a violent social order over the entire world and it is working out fine. We have proven that you God are a liar. Such a day of course will never come. The more the world turns to political solutions the more and bigger problems it has. God says that violence does not work and this is why political solutions always make things worse because every political thought and act is based upon violence. –Love is at the top and in the center of God’s Kingdom. Love is freely giving ourselves and our property in the service of another. This is the higher way that Christ exemplifies. Christ teaches us that love goes far beyond the peace that even God’s true law and government can bring. Only a person born again into God’s spiritual family can know real love. –Peace is in the middle and is the outer border of God’s inner Kingdom(for those who know Him). Peace is God’s minimum standard and is expressed in God’s law and government: DO NOT VIOLATE. Peace is not loving, it is the first step toward loving–not violating. God’s law cannot save us because no law, not even God’s, can force us to love, it can only stop us from doing the opposite of love and point us back in the direction of love and salvation in Christ. –Violence is the extreme opposite of love–outside of God’s law and His minimum standard–do not violate. Deception is the father of all violence and wraps around physical, more open forms of violence, with phrases like, “it’s for the children,” and “it’s good for society”. Violence, no matter how well it wraps itself in deception, can always be recognized, by those not still is darkness, by its forced nature–its forcing people to pay, and forcing them to join, and forcing them to comply–which is the opposite of God’s peaceful plan. - Dean at

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