Freedom University Associate Degree Program

As you begin to understand what liberty is, a degree in Liberty would never be approved by any political party, state sponsored system, because this would be contrary to the universal goal of all political parties and their political activities: the dumbing down and enslavement of the populace.

The entire goal of state funded and state sponsored education is to remove and destroy the knowledge of a free society so that the people can be made slaves by so dumbing them down that they see politics and all the violent, socialist schemes, plots, plans and programs as good for society. The goal of all politics is to turn the law and government against its natural purpose of protecting and defending the people's life, liberty, and property and turn law and government into a system of organized crime where those in political authority are above any real law, and can make up whatever laws they please as a cover to violate the people wholesale in order to make themselves and their offices rich with power and money.

The goal of liberty, in contrast to politics, is to build and maintain a free society. Freedom means removing politics and its influence from society, by preventing political parties from forming and keeping political leaders from getting control of the law and government. This is what Early Americans understood much better than we do today because the state funding and state accreditation system has been so effective over the past hundred years in destroying the knowledge of our rich heritage of liberty and dumbing the populace down so that the political system could grow out of control, some 100 times in size over the past century. 

Most Americans today who are joining this political party or that, and following and supporting this or that politician, whether Bush or Obama, or the next demigod to come along, are the same people who followed Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Mao Tse-Tung, Napoleon, and Julius Caesar; they are the same people who have committed 99% of all the crimes of history, who killed all the prophets of the Old Testament, killed Jesus and killed Jesus' disciples, who have robbed, stolen and murdered their way through history, using law and government as a cover, claiming that their political leaders have changed the law and therefore their wicked, violent acts are no longer criminal.  

Freedom University's degree in Liberty is designed to overcome a lifetime of indoctrination and brainwashing in order to set people free to see for the first time what the Bible means by the whole world being in rebellion against God's lawful order, people being dead in their sins and living in darkness, and what Jesus means by people being deaf, dumb, and blind slaves - the children of wrath.

To find out more about our great treasure of liberty, which has been lost over the past century, start the Undergraduate Program now.
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