Welcome to Freedom University's Undergraduate Program.  There are 10 classes to advance through. Those who complete the first 10 classes will be rewarded with a certificate of associate degree from Freedom University. Also, you will become an honorary member of Freedom University, joining a community of freedom loving people and helping to build God's Kingdom. Every 10 classes completes a new degree level and comes with a certificate of degree plus confers certain privileges. Feel free to contact us anytime for help or tutoring. We're always willing to help. 
Freedom I.Q. Quiz
  • Take the Freedom I.Q. quiz to obtain password for class 1. 
  • In each class, complete the projects and a teacher will review within 24-48 hours. 
  • Commentary and grade will be given and passing tests emailed password for next class. 
  • Free tutoring is always available upon request.
What is truth?
 What is freedom?
How far does the rabbit hole go?
Do you desire to know how evil controls the world and spreads its violence and deception from generation to generation unchallenged? 
Wake up.
Free your mind. 
Choose the red pill.
Each class takes you deeper into the philosophical and spiritual side of freedom. The deeper spiritual aspects of human liberty is what early Americans had much more of than we do today. This is why they were more free than us and why as we have lost the deeper philosophical principles that tie into Biblical, God centered concepts, we have lost our freedoms. An Associate Degree in Liberty awaits you, if you persevere. This will put you in the top 1% of the 1% - one in ten thousand - in understanding the concepts of liberty and the true law and government of a genuinely just and peaceful social order.
People go to the world's schools, universities and zombie colleges to fit in with the world and learn a trade so they can make money and be successful by the world's standard. They end up losing their minds through indoctrination and living out their lives in the world system's phony matrix. 

People come to Freedom University to get a true, classical, universal education and learn how to think free and live free from the world's soul stealing deceptions and violent manipulations.
Freedom University vs. the others
Making the highest of education available to everyone: 
Never a tuition, no High School diploma required, only a hunger for knowledge.
Freedom University is not like other universities, we are an educational ministry, therefore we have no interest in making money off of you. Our only interest is in your intellectual and spiritual growth.
"Elevate your mind beyond the flat world view;  see the world in true 3D"
Do you know what the real Matrix is? 
Have you noticed the cracks in the corruption?
"Freedom has always been the rarest and most neglected knowledge on earth. Without it, every other knowledge-philosophy, science, and technology-become the blind tools of political parties committing the grand social violence of their day."

- Dean Underwood-
Accelerated Course: 
Obtain your Associate Degree and be an intellectual leader in your community within a few months.
Jump right in and start accelerated course now. Obtain your Associate Degree in liberty:
Learn How :

  • Free people build and maintain free societies by cultivating the elements of self government into the hearts and minds of the people.

  • Free societies prevent political parties from forming and defend their law and government from the systematic corruption which all political parties bring.

  • Political parties corrupt the natural purpose of law and government, which is meant to be a wall of defense against violence; and instead, turn law and government into a means of committing violence, on a grand scale, in order to make themselves and their offices fat with power, money, and privilege. 

  • The violence the politicians and their followers commit, disguised as law and government, corrupts the people right down to their very souls and sets off a chain reaction of mounting social problems.

  • Generations of false religious and philosophical leaders lay an ideological foundation of society-wide deception for political parties to form upon.

  • All societies in history are in the process of becoming a Nazi Germany of their time and it is the rise to power of political parties which traces the progress of this corruption.

  • Free men and woman turn the tide of social corruption and break the hold of politics over their society and work to restore the integrity of law and government so that people can begin to learn how to live free again.

  • And much more covering philosophy, history, economics, theology, science etc. 
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Graduates receive a free shirt with their framed degree.
Oracle Room
Graduates Only
"More than schooling, a real education without the indoctrination."
"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free."  - Goethe 
And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which DECEIVES THE WHOLE WORLD... 
Revelation 12:9