Those who love the world system,  who applaud the politicians, join political parties and trust in political schemes and plans, are the spiritually dead of this world, the true zombies, who never cease seeking to turn law and government into a means of feeding off of others. 

They are the fascists and communists of every age, they never change. They do not know God and cannot hold God’s thoughts in their minds, “their minds being darkened,” the scriptures say. They killed the prophets of the Old Testament, killed Jesus and Jesus’ disciples–mocked and ridiculed, arrested and beat, imprisoned and killed everyone throughout history–especially those who dared live in obedience to God.     

They are the literal walking dead, who have overthrown true freedom and justice and turned every society in history into a violent slave culture. The more corrupt laws they pass and police and judges they hire to enforce them, the more enslaved they are and all the more they salute their political flags and shout how free they are. 

Jesus said to the worst of them, “Oh! Ye hypocrites,” and called them the sons of the Devil. About the more innocent of them Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

Billions of them will come before Jesus on the day of judgement expecting eternal reward. It is recorded that Jesus will say to them, “Depart from me you workers of iniquity, I never knew you.”
From Bill Bonner  --   A zombie is a parasite. He contributes less to the economy than he takes from it. He lives at the expense of others.

Almost any profession or career can be a nest for a zombie; an auto mechanic who rips off his customers, for example, is a zombie…at least in a sense. But most often, zombies are created, enabled, and supported by government. Government transfer payments create whole armies of zombies. Government bailouts turn whole industries into zombies. Government programs and government employment turn millions of otherwise reasonably honest and reasonably productive people into leeches. A guy who might have been a decent gardener, for example, becomes an SEC lawyer or a Homeland Security guard.
Politicians like zombies. Zombies are cheap. If you buy a vote from a man who is independently wealthy, it’s gonna cost you. And the bourgeoisie – which earns its money from honest toil and enterprise – is hard to buy. But zombie votes? They’re a dime a dozen. Just increase Social Security or Medicare; the zombies will line up to vote for you.

It’s relatively easy to turn people into zombies. And it’s fairly easy to support them when an economy is healthy and expanding. But when an economy goes into a contraction, you can no longer afford to give the zombies their meat. Then what?

Then, watch out. The zombies rise up.

"...All those who hate me love death.” - Proverbs 8:36