Break out of the global corporate mind control matrix. Be part of the freedom loving community:
Break out of the global corporate mind control matrix. Be part of the freedom loving community:
Website designed specifically for mp3 audio lectures and courses on God's kingdom/God's government.
Restoring an America that recognizes the sovereignty of God over all of life, where Christians apply a Biblical worldview to every facet of society.

Educate yourself and join up with other freedom loving people in your area and across the nation to stop the destruction of liberty and establish and uphold the principles of a free nation.
Freedom Blog
Teach your children to teach themselves and to acquire superior knowledge as did many of America’s most outstanding citizens in the days before socialism in education.
Excellent radio drama series overcoming Darwinism.
"The Josh Tolley Show". His goal is to reignite the flames of liberty, freedom, and purpose using reason and logic. Josh covers the topics and issues relevant to all areas of life, such as politics, family, lifestyle, religion, relationships, food, finances, and entertainment. His field is training those interested in self employment.
Abundant  literature, free audio downloads and video for learning about the philosophy of a free society.
A wealth of free literature, audio downloads and video for learning about the Kingdom. Believes that the whole Word of God must be applied to all of life. It is not only our duty as individuals, families and churches to be Christian, but it is also the duty of the state, the school, the arts and sciences, law, economics, and every other sphere to be under Christ the King. Nothing is exempt from His dominion. We must live by His Word, not our own.

"Therefore men should not believe lies, for it is the truth that sets them free" (John 8:32).

Field: Self Employment
Field: God's Kingdom - Lawful civil government, theology, philosophy & education
Field: Economics, Government & Education
Field: Sound Theology of the Genuine Church
Most churches are now 501c3 churches. This means they will be tax exempt as long as they abide by a list of guidelines set by the IRS, which in effect is a state run church, an abomination to God. Chuck Baldwin is a rare example of someone who has left the state sponsored church. You will hear Biblically sound, early American style preaching and a powerful call to genuine revival.
Field: Jury/Courts
Field: True Journalism/Real News Reporting & Interviews
Working to overcome our modern day tyranny. Great 3 hour daily radio show you can listen to anytime plus articles and video to keep up with current events. Radio show and news reporting not controlled or subsidized by politics. This is where you get your news, not mainstream zombie media.
Field: God's Kingdom - restoring lawful godly social order
Field: Natural Science
Field: Second Ammendment rights/self defense
90-plus free books  for building a Bible-based Christian worldview, which is the first step in building a permanently free society. There is no neutrality. Christians must begin with the Bible in education, not with the assumption of the autonomy of their own minds. This website is not designed for Christians comfortable remaining in a spiritual nursery.
Field: Education
Field: Home Schooling
Equip yourself to advance the Kingdom. Link for over 2000 audio lectures and books covering all aspects of life relating to freedom and God's Kingdom. Subjects include economics, philosophy, history, science, psychology, theology etc. Available for your iphone or other mobile device here
Field: Digital Education
Field: Science & Education
Provides research and educational materials dedicated to sound public policy based on sound science. Supports the advancement of sensible public policies rooted in rational science and economics.  Only through science and factual information, separating reality from rhetoric, can legislators develop beneficial policies without unintended consequences that might threaten the life, liberty, and prosperity of the citizenry.
Oath Keepers is a non-partisan association of currently serving military, veterans, peace officers, and firefighters who will fulfill the oath we swore to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, so help us God.

Our oath is to the Constitution, not to the politicians, and we will not obey unconstitutional (and thus illegal) and immoral orders, such as orders to disarm the American people or to place them under martial law and deprive them of their ancient right to jury trial.

We Oath Keepers have drawn a line in the sand. We will not “just follow orders.” Our motto is “Not on our watch!” If you, the American people, are forced to once again fight for your liberty in another American Revolution, you will not be alone. We will stand with you.

Field: Lawful, Godly civil government
Field: Economic Reporting
Field: Education - Audio
The goal of Gun Facts is to provide a quick reference guide for civil libertarians on gun control issues. Use Gun Facts when composing arguments for debates, writing letters to editors, emailing to your representatives, and sending statements to the media. The problem Gun Facts addresses is the lack of intellectual honesty by gun control
advocates. Over many decades they have presented “information” to the media and the public that is at best inaccurate and at worst fraudulent. Gun Facts is dedicated to debunking gun control myths and providing citable evidence.
Ron Paul                         
Field: Liberty/Lawful civil government
If everyone watched this video Ron Paul would be president.
Throughout history God raises up judges to bring his people back to freedom and out of bondage. Ron Paul will be remembered as the man called  by God, in his time, to offer America a chance to come back to freedom but most chose to reject liberty and continue in national slavery. 
Field: Genuine Journalism & News
Analysis Behind and Beyond Government Economic Reporting. Statistics, graphs etc. on the true economic condition, unemployment rate, inflation rate etc.
One of the top sites in the world for news and current events.
Field: Daily News & Opinion Site
Daily articles and radio program from a freedom perspective.
The primary function of the independent juror is not, as many think, to dispense punishment to fellow citizens accused of breaking various laws, but rather to protect fellow citizens from tyrannical abuses of power by government. The Constitution guarantees you the right to trial by jury. This means that government must bring its case before a jury of The People if government wants to deprive any person of life, liberty, or property. Jurors can say no to government tyranny by refusing to convict.

FIJA Works to:

Inform potential jurors of their traditional, legal authority to refuse to enforce corrupt laws;

Inform potential jurors that they cannot be required to check their conscience at the courthouse door;

Inform potential jurors that they cannot be punished for their verdict;

Inform everyone that juror veto-juror nullification-is a peaceful way to protect human rights against corrupt politicians and government tyranny.
Field: Law Enforcement - Genuine Civil Authority
(Fully Informed Jury Association)
Systematically explaining the different aspects of the Kingdom of God - God's peaceful social order.
Field: Education on God's Kingdom/Lawful order
Activist Adam Kokesh reveals the reality of a government based not on protecting the freedoms of the American people, but exploiting them to perpetuate its own power and serve its sponsors. But the show’s not just about politics: it’s about living like a free, dignified human being, living like a corrupt government doesn’t exist, and loving it.
Field: Radio/YouTube video reports
Setting an example of a true officer of the law and educating others in civil authority to obey their Constitutional oaths.