Freedom University Presents:
Freedom Bots: Operation V for Victory
Education Center


On Earth, centuries of progress toward human freedom have been reversed. A virulent strain of super-violent social disorder known as Socialism has been unleashed upon the world. The 20th Century–the Socialist Century–was the most violent in world history. Hundreds of millions have been murdered by political parties following socialist doctrines and billions have lived out their lives as total slaves of socialist states. 21st Century Earth has become a giant slave planet. Even nations like America and Switzerland, once two of the freest nations in history, are now spiraling into socialism and a police state grid is being established to suppress the people.

Freedom Bots, the Movie, is a science fiction representation of the all too real events which are now taking place upon the Earth. In our movie, the Earth has been infected with socialism by an alien robot, Socialisto, and our two robotic heros, the Freedom Bots, come to Earth for a showdown with Socialisto and to give the people of Earth the tools to break their shackles of socialism and learn to live again, through the knowledge of freedom, and practice of human liberty.

Movie Description: